Central Heating Installations & Upgrades

We offer everything you need to feel warm and cosy at home, from full central heating systems to repairing pipe leaks.

Our services include :

  • Boiler breakdowns & system repairs
  • Replacement components – pumps, motorised valves etc.
  • Boiler upgrades
  • Additional radiators & towel warmers
  • Conservatory heating
  • Full central heating installation
  • Chemical power flushing and treatment
  • Hot water cylinders
  • Gas fires and fireplaces

We also offer a free design and energy efficiency assessment service to asses your current system and suggest any cost and energy saving measures to improve your system.

As always free quotations are available. To find out more please contact us.

Condensing Boilers

Unlike a conventional boiler, a condensing combi is a highly efficient, completely self-contained central heating and hot water system.

All the major components are enclosed within an attractive, compact, wall-mounted unit that blends in beautifully with modern kitchen cupboards. A condensing combi does not store hot water.

As well as being far more economical, this means that there is no hot water cylinder, no tank in the loft (so less risk of freezing and flooding), and none of the connecting pipework.

Result: valuable extra space you can use for other purposes.

A condensing combi heats water directly from the cold mains whenever you turn on a hot water tap. This not only means that hot water is delivered on demand, but also at mains pressure, giving all the benefits of high-power showering without the need for a separate pump.

The average shower uses considerably less water than taking a bath, so the savings on hot water costs and water consumption can be very significant, particularly over a long period.

Also available are condensing boilers compatable with hot water cylinders, unvented cylinders and motorised valves, as a sealed system.